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Testing standard for silicone products: LFGB vs FDA

2022-07-06T07:15:37+00:00By |

Safety standard for molded silicone parts: LFGB vs FDA For molded silicone products, kitchenware like bakeware, ice trays, and baby products like baby bib, and baby teether, which contact directly with the food or body, awareness, and expectations of safety related to the silicone raw material has risen. People

Silicone materials classification and their properties (Which is the best material for your silicone projects )

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Silicone rubber is an elastomer that has many unique properties that enable the extensive use of silicone rubber for different applications in the medical, food, aerospace, and consumer industries. What are the different types of silicone? * FSR-Fluorosilicone Rubber * HCR-High Consistency Rubber (or solid silicone rubber) * LSR-Liquid

How to choose the right silicone supplier in China? (2022)

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When you consider creating a new silicone product, design a prototype. Next task? find a supplier. But how to choose the right silicone supplier? how can you make sure your design translates into higher volume production and reaches your quality requirement while staying within your budget? So choosing a reliable

Launch a new silicone product in 2022 (4 processes)

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When you have a new creative idea or want to launch a new silicone product. How can you bring it to life? Where to start with? What process to go through? Knowing about these will give you a clear idea of your project schedule. Our silicone product development processes mainly

3 methods of Silicone molding process (what is silicone molding?)

2022-07-06T07:54:48+00:00By |

What is Silicone Molding? Silicone molding (moulding) is a manufacturing technique used to transform uncured (unvulcanized) silicone rubber into a pre-defined shape. Several molding techniques may be used, including compression, injection, and extrusion. The choice depends on the size and complexity of the component, required volumes, and budget available for


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