Firmenich, the world’s largest privately owned perfume and taste company needs the customization of a silicone product for their corporate gift. Let’s see how we do it.

Customer’s needs: They want the yuzu shape tea filter and need a quick and economic solution to put their company logo on the product, Printing on the leaf is their original choice.

The Response: We have the yuzu shape tea filter, but the leaf was designed with midrib and vein, there is no place for Logo printing.

The Solution:  The yuzu tea filter is divided into 3 parts, the yuzu top, the bottom and the leaf, each with one mold, so there are actually 3 molds separately.  So we just need to have a new mold for the leaf with areas that can be printed. After communication, we suggest customer go directly with an embossed logo, instead of the printed logo. One reason is the cost, for printed logo, there will be tooling cost and printing costs, but an embossed logo has only the tooling cost. Another is the safety consideration, for food contact products, printing is not the way suggested for logo branding as there is safety concern with the printing ink. The customer agreed with the suggestion.

The development process:

1. Pass the vendor audit, and sign the papers needed.

2. Customer send us their Logo file and the requirement on logo: double-sided embossed logo in middle but keep the vein in other areas.

3. Our engineers work out 3 options for customer to choose from. The customer confirmed that Option 3 works best for them.

4. We fabricate the tool and make the prototype, to save time, the customer confirms the sample through image and video.

5. Mass production arranged. The customer needs bag packing for cargo, we offer ziplock bag and self-adhesive bag for choice.

6. Confirm the shipping address and arrange shippment. Shipping tracking number offered.

7.  Customer acknowledges receipt of the package.

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