We are One-Stop-Shop for custom silicone projects from molds to final products. We offer support throughout the entire process, from product development to after-sales service.

If you are searching for a new silicone factory either to make a mold for your next silicone product or a silicone manufacturer that provides a complete service (mold + production and maybe packing), HB Silicone is your ideal partner you are looking for.

Our production equipment includes 2 CNC machines and 1 milling machine for tooling, and 8 compression molding machines for final product mass production. For custom-developed silicone products, CNC tooling is a must.

When you need a partner that has an in-house tool shop for tool mold processing, call us. Our in-house tool shop and engineers are ready to assist with everything from 3D design, programming, and even CNC tool mold processing.

Our final silicone products mass production service includes molding production, branding services, and custom packing solutions.