Silicone material can be divided into Liquid silicone and solid silicone. HB Silicone mainly deals with solid silicone materials.  Most of our silicone products fall between 30 and 70 Duro Shore A.
The Softest silicone in 10~30 and 70~80 the hardest are tailor-made materials for projects with specific application needs.
The softer the silicone material, the better elongation, and flexibility.  It can be used for complex structure silicone parts but it can also come with some issues like mold sticking or incomplete vulcanization.
On the contrary, the harder the material, the higher brittleness, and tearability. For silicone products with undercuts or straight angles, will be damaged or torn during demolding or if used improperly. So high durometers are mainly used for simple structure products.  Complex structures always come with a high reject ratio and short service life.
To ensure the silicone products perform as required, choosing the right durometer is important. 30~70 shore A can be applied for most silicone projects. Too soft or too hard will cause problems in production and increase the cost.