//How to choose the right color : 11 Color options for silicone products (2020)

How to choose the right color : 11 Color options for silicone products (2020)

Over the past years, creative shapes, a variety of bright colors, and excellent temperature resistance have made silicone products extremely popular in our daily life. In this post, let’s discuss how can we choose the right color for our silicone projects.

1. The importance of color in product design

When we first see a product, the first thing that comes into our eyes is the color and contour. Therefore, product color matching must be placed in a very important position in the product design process! Different colors bring different feelings to customers. The color matching of products is also closely related to product form. Products with different functions have great differences in the choice of colors. This difference comes from the accumulation of people’s daily life experience.
Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway our thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure, or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, color can even save on energy consumption.
The color of the product can help your business establish and boost sales. Shoppers most often choose what they buy based on colors. 86% of customers say that color is the primary reason for their purchasing decision.  60% of people won’t buy a product unless it comes in their preferred color. This means that the right choice of color can affect your total sales.

2. Meaning and symbolism of color

There is a well-known fact that colors have inherent meanings and can cause emotions. Color means many different things to different people and cultures. … People like different colors as they like different foods. Color also represents feelings, people, countries, cultures, and color symbolism. These implications will directly affect the way users perceive the product. When we build a color scheme, we need to think about the impact of color on the perceptual level.
For example, fire is red in people’s consciousness, so a firetruck is red and a fire extinguisher is red. At the same time, red also brings visual tension; food emphasizes cleanliness, so food-related refrigerators and other kitchen utensils are mostly used Symbol of clean white, the practical value of color is also reflected in the fact that it is not only related to people’s vision, but can also affect people’s mood and behavior, and even affect people’s work efficiency. If a person stays in a room full of red for a long time, the mood will become restless, while a green room can make people calm.
So understand the meaning of colors is essential to help you choose your color wisely, tap into the magical power of color symbolism.
  • Red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition, and determination. It is also the color of anger and sexual passion. In China, red represents luck and prosperity.
  • Orange is for creativity, youth, and enthusiasm. Orange is a very vibrant and energetic color.  It’s a youthful color as well, bringing an element of vibrancy and fun.
  • Yellow is for happiness, hope, and spontaneity.  It is optimistic and cheerful. However, it can also suggest impatience, criticism, and cowardice.
  • Green is the color of balance and growth. It is for nature, growth, and harmony—but also wealth and stability.
  • Blue is for calm, trust, and intelligence. Blue is often associated with sadness in the English language.
  • Purple is for luxury, mystery, and spirituality. It’s associated with creativity and imagination. In design, dark purples can give a sense of wealth and luxury. Light purples are softer and are associated with spring and romance.
  • Pink is for femininity, playfulness, and romance.  Pink can also be immature, silly, and girlish.  Pink can be vibrant and energetic in other applications too.
  • Brown is associated with reliability, healing, and strength. Brown is a natural color, associated with the earth and as a result giving a sense of stability and support.
  • Gray is for professionalism, formality, and conventionality. It is associated with cloudy days and the gray hair of old age, as a result, is not the cheeriest color.
  • Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive, and the unknown, creating an air of mystery. It is also a symbol of elegance and simplicity.
  • White is a symbol of goodness, spirituality, purity, godliness, and sacredness.  It can be very simple, clean, and modern.
  • Gold, silver, bronze, and other metallics are for wealth, prosperity, and success. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality.

3. How to choose the right color for your product?

The appearance design of the product is different from the general artwork. It can’t only require rich colors and bright effects, but also consider multiple requirements when choosing colors. Product appearance design has evolved from a simple appearance in the past to a design creation based on technological integration and innovation.
Generally speaking, product positioning is one most important factor should be considered in terms of color matching in product design. In which field is the product applied, and what are the customer groups? Where is the market? What is the style of the product?
Different ages and different regions have different preferences for color. Among them, most of the product shapes cannot be changed due to functional needs. Therefore, color changes have become an important means to attract consumers’ attention. Think carefully about the following two questions:
(1) The color coordination between the product and the user
(2) The color coordination between the product and the use environment.
If you want to use color to attract consumers, you must accurately grasp the trend of color, and the design of product appearance and color should be consistent with product positioning.

4. 11 Color options for silicone products

The raw silicone material is translucent in its nature, which makes itself an ideal base for forming various different colors. By adding certain color pigments, silicone rubbers are easily pigmented with any special color effects.
For colored silicone products, there are tone of ways of color matching choices, they can be divided into the following classes:
11 Color options for silicone products 11 Color options for silicone products

5. How to select a color for my silicone parts?

You may have the question that, there are thousands of colors for choice, i have trouble in choosing a color for my silicone project, how can I select a color for my silicone items? No worry about it.

There are 3 options for you.
  1. Pantone Match
If you have a Pantone book on hand, you can search color from it. For silicone products, please choose a color from  Formula Guide | Solid Coated (color number ended with the letter C).
You can aslo choose from Electronic Pantone online if you don’t have a Pantone book. You can pick color using sort/filter options or directly search for a Pantone number or name.
  2.Physical Match
If you see a color you like very much, but you have no idea about the Pantone number of it, don’t worry! we can help!
Any physical items you find lying around can be matched to a specific pigment and color. All we need is a physical item with the color you want. You can send this item to us, our professional color master can work out the color formula 99% match with your sample.
3. Tell us what you want
If you still have no idea about the color, you can tell us what color effect you want to reach. As a professional silicone manufacturer deals with tones of thousands of silicone products, we are able to give you certain suggestions/options, helping you select the best fit color for your silicone projects.
Ready to start your silicone projects? Welcome to come to us!

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