//Testing standard for silicone products: LFGB vs FDA

Testing standard for silicone products: LFGB vs FDA

Safety standard for molded silicone parts: LFGB vs FDA

For molded silicone products, kitchenware like bakeware, ice trays, baby products like baby bib, baby teether, which contact directly to the food or body, awareness and expectations of safety related to the silicone raw material have risen. People always ask : is silicone safe?

To be honest, this is a big question, and till now, there is no clear answer for it. It’s widely accept that silicone is a relatively safe material due to it’s excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Many experts and authorities consider silicone to be nontoxic and safe for contact with food and drink. For example,

Health Canada states:Silicone is a synthetic rubber which contains bonded silicon (a natural element which is very abundant in sand and rock) and oxygen.Cookware made from food grade silicone has become popular in recent years because it is colorful, nonstick, stain-resistant, hard-wearing, cools quickly, and tolerates extremes of temperature. There are no known health hazards associated with use of silicone cookware. Silicone rubber does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes.

So far, no safety problems have been reported. But if you’re concerned about it, you can have your products tested to make sure it’s safe. For silicone products, there are mainly two standards , one is LFGB food grade, another is FDA food grade.

LFGB is standard mainly for Europe, while FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is standard in America(though different country has their own FDA standard, but US FDA is internationally applied.) Silicone products that pass either one of these tests are safe for human use. In terms of pricing,  products  in LFGB standard will be more expensive than FDA standard,  so FDA is more widely used.

The difference between LFGB and FDA lies on the different way of testing method, and LFGB is more comprehensive and more strict.






When develop your own great products,  please inform us in advance if you have special requirement on material, raw material test report can be provided. For finished products, we don’t offer test report but can offer customer samples for them to do the test.


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