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HB Silicone provides customers with engineering and R&D services at the early product design stage.

Part CAD Design and 3D Model creation:

  • You offer 3D files – 3D CAD files will be needed for mold making, if you have completed mold drawings or 3D models, please send us file-type in Solidworks, Iges or Step formats. Our experienced engineers will review your project and make certain recommendations to ensure your silicone design if feasible for mold making and bulk molding production in the long run.
  • Our engineering support – If you have only a sketch or idea, but unable to offer a 3D CAD model, don’t worry, HB Silicone will offer your engineering support. Our skilled mold design and manufacturing engineers will help you with the design by getting involved in the early stages of silicone products development.
  • 3D Model Creation – With thorough communication, they will know exactly what you want and offer certain suggestions to make sure the design meets processing requirements and can be produced consistently and cost-effectively.Then the engineers will work out the 3D files after a mutual agreement on the final design, and send to you for confirmation.

CAD Files

CNC Fabrication, Tooling and Milling :

  • Programming – Once you have accepted the 3D model and no more revisions are needed, our engineer will start their programming, including mold layout and structure design. The 3D model is for product design, programming is to make the product design work out through metal tool mold. It is crucial for future bulk production of silicone molding because a well-programmed tool mold will increase the production efficiency and lower the reject ratio.
  • Mold Material selection– Based on customer’s requirement on silicone parts quality standard and timeline and project budget we will choose mold steel accordingly.
  • Tooling & Milling – CNC milling and  EDM machining bring your CAD drawing into the physical world.
  • Tool surface treatment – we offer tool mold surface treatment such as Matt polishing, Glossy finishing and Texturing.

CNC programming

Prototype Development :

Once the tool mold is finished, we will go on with the sample test, silicone parts will be molded to test the design. In general, it will go through the below stages before getting the final Perfect design.

  • Sample Testing
  • Part Re-design
  • Part and Mold Adjustments
  • Sample Confirmation