//2-in-1 silicone drain stopper hair catcher

2-in-1 silicone drain stopper hair catcher

2 in 1 silicone drain stopper and sink strainer fit standard floor drains, sink and bathtub drainer.

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Silicone drain stopper for the floor, kitchen sink, bathroom and bathtub and laundry sink.

2-in-1 design, drain stopper+ sink strainer. Silicone material base, flexible and elastic, perfectly fit the sink to stop the water.

Press the centre button of the drainer, it will serve as sink strainer to leak water and serve as hair catcher. Prevent hair and garbage in tub from flowing down.

Press the upper layer to close down the cover to work as a drain stopper. Stop water from leakage. Anti-odor and pest proof.

Please measure the sink hole before buying the drain stopper. The sink hole size should be between 1.34in and 3.74in and does not apply to a hole that has a buckle.

silicone sink drain size info

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