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3 oz handy silicone travel containers with suction cup

TSA approved silicone travel containers with suction cup make it easy to access in shower with limit shelf space, and no more left behind.

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* Space saver and come in handy travel container: The suction cup sticks well to the wall or mirror for easy access in the shower, especially for hotels with little shelf space, making them close at hand.

* You can stick the travel containers to the mirror so when you are packing up to leave they are in plain sight and you won’t accidentally leave them behind!

* The squeezable silicone bottles, on the other hand, are soft and flexible with anti-leak walls and flip-top caps that prevent messes in transit.

* Leak-proof: 3 layers flip-top cap design with a cross-cut silicone valve to prevent any leakage.

* ID panel on the collar helps you identify what’s inside the containers

* Easy to clean it out in order to put something new in.

silicone-travel-bottles-with-flip-cap-BPA-free silicone-travel-shampoo-bottles-with-hook Squzze-bottle-travel-size-wide-mouth mini-toiletries-travel-bottle-for-shampoo 3-oz-travel-bottles-hold-toiletries travel-size-silicone-bottle-squeezable

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