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Small: 21*18.5*4cm/ weight: 62g

Color available: Blue/Red/Gray/yellow/white

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If you are a regular air fryer user, you would have noticed by now that sometimes the food sticks to the basket. Then there must be the additional scrubbing to get the stuck bits off. Air fryer silicone liners are designed to protect air-fryer baskets from cooked-on messes by containing grease and crumbs, thereby reducing the need for heavy cleaning. It’s also dishwasher safe, and can be cleaned easily with just soap, water, and a bit of vinegar.

The silicone air fryer liners are made from food-grade silicone material. They are heat-resistant and non-stick. Using a silicone liner will prevent food from sticking to the surface of an air fryer. This gives you a much easier clean-up process after cooking your favorite foods.

The silicone liners had ridges that were designed to lift food, allowing air to circulate underneath it, thereby cooking the food evenly. The silicone liner tray sits on top of the air fryer basket, collecting the oil from air frying instead of letting it drain to the bottom of the pan. There are grooves in the liner to keep your food slightly raised, allowing the oil to pool in the center as well.

The silicone liner tray is reusable, it is the best replacement for flammable parchment liner paper. The liner is perfect for those who want to stop using paper liners or aluminum foil to heat up their food.

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