//AirPods silicone cases shockproof fit in Apples’s charger

AirPods silicone cases shockproof fit in Apples’s charger

Quality case to safeguard your airpods!  Easy, hassle-free installation, AirPods silicone cases protect AirPods case from scratches, drops, dents.

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AirPods silicone cases are made in premium silicone material which brings comfortable feelings, and offers wonderful grip. The silicone material is non-toxic environmental friendly.
The silicone cases are perfectly tailored for Apple Airpods charging case like a glove fit snugly with Airpods. Protect your Airpods from drops, scratches and dirt.
The thick soft silicone case skin act as shock absorbor when you drop your airpods accidentally, less crack.
Easy to install onto your AirPods case, but stay in place. Airpods silicone cases also provide a nice grip to prevent from slipping or falling out.

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