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Apple Airpods silicone covers with carabiner clip

Saved your AirPods from destruction! Airpods silicone covers with carabiner clips offer your earpods 360° protection. Compatible with Apple Airpods 1 & AirPods 2

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Airpods Silicone covers are made of high premium silicone material which is durable and protective.
Portable design, carabiner clip makes it so convenient to clip your AirPods to your keychain, backpack, pants, or travel case for easy access when you work out at the gym or at your fitness run, no more worry about losing your AirPods.
Dust proof flap cap cover that opens up on the bottom of the case when you need to charge your AirPods, no more tiny dust out to attack your Airpods charging port, keep it clean.
Anti-shock, the AirPods silicone covers are thick enough to absorb shock when dropped and protect your Airpods from impact.

silicone-airpods-case-size-info Premium-Silicone-Cover-Skin-for-AirPods-Charging-Case  shockproof-silicone-airpods-case.jpg

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