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Body exfoliating scrub extra long handled

Body exfoliating scrub with comfy long bristles for gentle exfoliation to improve your skin’s health

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This body exfoliating scrub is designed to replace traditional washing towels with an extra-long handle to reach hard-to-reach areas on your back relatively easily.
The back scrubber has two sides, one sides with long soft bristles, though it is not like other material back-scrubbing brushes or sponges that can lather up much foam, it can gently remove dirt from your skin. If you have sensitive skin, then the soft bristles are a plus.
On the other side, massage nubs are perfect for relaxing muscles, relieving stress as well as promoting blood circulation so that you can use them for body scrub SPA massage.
The silicone material is acid resistant and can use with soda water, and essential oils, the skin scrubber is BPA-free and skin-friendly, suitable for all kinds of people, especially for sensitive skin or children, the soft body exfoliator won’t hurt your skin, and can give you the soft massage.
The body exfoliating scrub can dry quickly by hanging up in the air and won’t mold and hold bacteria.

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