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Cross teething necklace for mom to wear

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The sensory teething necklace is made of FDA-food-grade silicone,  BPA- free. The silicone is soft and durable, great for strong chewers.
Excellent for kids who need oral sensory toys to chew on. Helps reduce their stress and anxiety
This sensory necklace is suitable for those with oral sensory needs to promote calm, soothe, and focused.
The chewable teething necklace has special textures on both sides, providing a more satisfying & stimulating sensory experience.
The teething necklace comes with an adjustable cord and detachable buckle making it safe for most children to use.
Designed for kids who have an oral fixation/ anxiety issues/ ADHD/ADD/ Autism
  Sensory teething necklace for sensory seeker
oral sensory toys size info necklace sensory bundle teething chew necklace for ADHD, Autism, biting needs oral motor chewy teether

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