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Portable dog water dispenser expandable silicone flip-up leaf

580ml Portable Pet Dog Water dispenser bottle soft silicone leaf design

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Need a water bottle for your dogs that is simple, lightweight, and requires no extra bowl? want to easily hydrate your lovable dog on the go? This silicone dog water dispenser bottle can help.

This dog water dispenser is a combination of a 580ml (20 ounces) water bottle with an attached flip-up silicone leaf that works as a drinking vessel. Made with FDA food-grade silicone, the soft silicone leaf flips over to create a small bowl to squeeze water into for your dog to drink.

The removable top can attach to our normal water bottles in 38mm/30mm on top. The stopper is also silicone and creates a good seal to keep water from leaking.

Bring clean water for your dog for the sake of safety. With this water bottle, you can bring a decent amount of water and also eliminate a dog bowl. Quickly provide fresh water for your dog without a dog bowl.

Easy storage in your backpack, bag, or glove box, ready for any adventure. Great for long walks or dog parks.

Attention: this pet water bottle is not suited for boiling water. only suitable for warm or cold water

dog-water-dispenser-silicone drinking-feeder-for-outdoor-walking pet-water-bottle-for-dogs-silicone-flippuppy-water-dispenser-with-drinking-feeder-for-outdoor-walking,-hiking

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