//Silicone floor drain pipe sewer anti-odor pest control

Silicone floor drain pipe sewer anti-odor pest control

One way valve silicone floor drain sewer pipe deodorant pest control and drain backflow preventer.

Annoy of stinky smell from the sewerage when the hydraulic damper dries? Try with this silicone floor drain called silicone deodorant.

The installation procedure is absolutely simple. Insert the silicone deodorant into the hole of the drain ladder, fix the metal o-ring and cover the top with a decorative grille. Problem solved! The smell of the pipe is no longer!!

There is the automatic opening at the bottom, which will open for water to go through then close to block pest, bugs, seal odour and stinky smell from sewage, prevent drain water from backing up to the room.

Accurately measure your floor drain diameter and the depth of the pipeline to choose the right size before you buy. Insufficient depth will lead to deformation of the inner core and affect drainage. You can cut the bottom of the silicone drain to fit the depth of the pipeline.

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