//Silicone Massage Sponge for Baby Bath Shower

Silicone Massage Sponge for Baby Bath Shower

Silicone massage sponge for bath shower body massage, Bath Exfoliating Skin Massage Scrubber, Dry Skin Brushing Loofah exfoliating
size: 4.73* 2.8 * 1.6 inches in oval shape.

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FDA food grade silicone material:
Made of Eco-friendly Food Grade natural silicone material. The sponge is BPA-free, FDA-approved, the silicone material is acid resistance and can be used cooperatively with your shower gel or essential oils.

Excellent Softness, not hurt to baby skin:
Made in 30 degree silicone material, the loofah brush long bristle is soft enough to baby skin, help baby’s head and body clean and massage.

Unique design:
Long soft cleaning soothing bristles in front for skin exfoliating, which can foam rich bubbles for deep clean and stimulate circulation of blood.

Brush Back with small massage knobs, which can be used for head and body massage. brings you comfortable body relax.

Are Silicone massage sponge bath brushes sanitary?
Yes,the antibacterial silicone material make the scrubber brush safe and clean, it can dry quickly in air, so you don’t need to worry about mildewed and  bacteria-breeding.

Attention : Please don’t dry it under blazing sun to avoid color fading.

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