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Silicone Straws with Cleaning Brush

Reusable Silicone straw for tumblers,Flexible, Collapsible, Chewy, Bendy, Safe for Kids/Toddler
Straw Size: 25cm long, OD: 11mm, ID: 9mm
Brush size: 19cm long

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FDA food-grade Silicone straws

Made of 100% food-grade silicone and BPA-free. Great for 30 Oz Tumbler
Extra-long and wide in size, these silicone straws are especially suited for thicker drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, and yogurt.
The Big Straws are flexible and resistant, if the opening of your tumbler lid is small, don’t worry – squeeze the straw and use it.
They are Foldable straws, want to travel or go on a picnic with your straw? easy! fold them and carry them with your bag or pocket.
Excellent temperature resistance: favorable for hot drinks like coffee or cold drink like smoothies.

You may have the question: how to clean the silicone straw?

No worry here comes to the cleaning brushes, you can wash the straws with dish soap and plenty of water using cleaning brushes, done!

Silicon-Drinking-Straws-&-Brush-- silicone-straw-10-inch.jpg silicone-straw-with-brush.jpg smoothie-silicone-drink-straw.jpg silicone-straw-safety.jpg

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