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Universal pet food can cover fits 3 standard pet food containers

FDA approved silicone pet food can covers fit small, medium, and large size dog and cat food cans up to 3.5 inches in diameter.

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BPA-free universal pet food can cover keeping your pet food fresh, healthy & insect-free.

Works well for keeping the food fresh and odors from leaving the can while in the refrigerator, preventing the fridge from smelling like pet food.

Silicone can lids are FDA-approved, non-toxic, and safe for pets and humans. You can also use them on some of our human canned foods.

Greatest flexible and multi-sized lids. There are 3 rings, the inner diameter is 2.5″ 2.9″ 3.3″, and fits three standard-size pet food cans. The silicone is soft and pliable and easily stretches around the can to make a good, tight seal.

Design with a little handle for easy removability, easy to pull on.

The can covers are thick and sturdy enough to go on the can, with no crack, no suck.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


pet-food-container.jpg Cat-Food-Container-silicone-cover canned-dog-food-silicone-cover BPA-Free-Silicone-Cat Dog-Food-Can-Cover pet-food-storeage-container pet-food-Can-cover-size-info.jpg

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