//Universal swimming goggle silicone straps replacement spare

Universal swimming goggle silicone straps replacement spare

Broken Goggle straps? Extend your goggle lifespan and save a few bucks by replacing with a new swimming goggles flexible silicone strap

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One of my friends who is a swimming lover once came to complain about me that, her goggle strap snapped right before her event, she had to fix them temporarily with tape. The other day, she bought one replacement goggle swim strap.

Frequent tugging and pulling, sunlight and saltwater will damage the strap, even the most reliable goggles headband will wear with time. A spare silicone strap is an essential kit for swimming fans.

What will you do with your swimming goggle if the strap broke? will you throw it away to buy a whole new set of goggles? or just replacing with a new strap?

If your swimming glasses themselves are still in good shape, replacing with a new strap will keep your favourite goggles in play, and it makes a good economic sense.

This universal goggle head strap is made in high tensile strength silicone, which is durable and flexible. It won’t feel tight and get caught in your hair. It will bring you comfortables swimming time.

The swimming goggle silicone straps replacement is adjustable to stretch well over your head, holding everything well in place.

Come with closing clips, easy to thread through the ends of the goggles and fixed in place.


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