Silicone Branding services

How to brand your product and your business? the most common way is the use of LOGO. Your LOGO is a visual representation of everything your company stands for.

A LOGO can be your brand identity, it’s the first impression your potential customers and partners have on your business. It is a strategic business tool that will allow a company to be identified in the vast world we live in.

When you see a logo you are familiar with, you will immediately associate it with your memories, experiences, and interactions with the brand. See, for example, when we see the apple with the bite out of it, we know it’s Apple, a famous technology brands.

Your logo is an easy way to spread your brand, let people find you more quickly. We may have such experience, you see a girl with a nice bag that you eager to have one, but you don’t know where to buy and you don’t have the courage to ask her, what can you do? Logo, YES! it is the most obvious you can see and remember, then search online for this logo you will find the bag.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, you can put your logo or slogans on almost anything quickly and easily. Logo-bearing items are the perfect way to convey your message. For silicone parts, there are 4 ways to put your logo on products.

Debossed or embossed LOGO on tool mold directly

Debossed or embossed logo are engraved directly on tool molds during CNC mold making process. They will not so obvious as other logo processing way. The embossed logo is clear than debossed one. The advantage for this kind logo process is no extra cost for it, the cons are Logo cannot be changed once tool mold finished.

LOGO Printing

Printing is widely used for putting a logo on silicone products. Pad printing, screen printing and heat transfer are common ways for logo printing. The unique visual results, extremely vivid colours make printing one of the most popular methods for LOGO processing.
You can print any logo or slogan you like, change your printing whenever you want.

Laser Etching or engraving LOGO

Laser engraving cuts a cavity through the material’s surface leaving a cavity that reveals an image or writing at eye level that is noticeable to the touch as well. It always comes with spray paint.

Spray painting is a painting technique where a device sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto a surface.

Color ink or paint sprayed on silicone part( different color with ink or paint color) surface first, then laser engraves the surface to reveal the color of the silicone part.

See the phone case, it is a white silicone case, then spray black paint on the back surface, by laser engraving, come out the flower.

Epoxy LOGO

Epoxy is the way to form three dimensional logo or pattern on a silicone part surface with vivid color, you can have different colors on one part, but as it’s heavy artificial work, the production efficiency is rather low. It’s mainly applied for high-end silicone promotional gifts, like silicone wristbands, and silicone case.

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