//Silicone brush manufacturer: 7 silicone bristle brushes popular in our daily life

Silicone brush manufacturer: 7 silicone bristle brushes popular in our daily life

As silicone products manufacturer in China, HB Silicone specializes in developing and manufacturing a wide range of high-end consumer and healthcare silicone products.
During the past 12 years, we had gained extensive silicone products development experience and can help customers with silicone material selection, product design, tool mold design and manufacturing.
One of the most produced products series is silicone brush, we had designed and developed various kinds of custom silicone bristle brushes for kitchen and healthcare application. We can be your trusted silicone brush manufacturer,  we can customize your brushes in brush length, bristle density, length, stillness as you required.
In this post, we are going to show you the silicone brushes we had made before. Let’s start.
  1. Magic Silicone scrubbing gloves-dish washing gloves

It is a kitchen glove with sponge or sponge with a glove, an all-in-one for dishwashing. Easy and multifunctional sponge glove. It is 100% SILICONE material with ultra-fine brushes. The palm and fingertips are covered with dense, long and soft bristles, which can help to create more foam for deep clean. The gloves keep your hands dry and chemical-free. You can use them for dishwashing, kitchen clean, pet washing, etc.
  1.  Silicone dishwashing sponge

The silicone sponge with soft bristles on both sides provide a gentle scrub and will not cause scratches to your tableware. Made in FDA food-grade silicone, you can use it to wash fruit and vegetable. It can also serve as a heat-proof mat. Silicone sponge drys quickly, it won’t contain bacteria and get mold. It is a much more hygienic alternative than traditional sponge or cloth.
  1. Silicone basting & pastry brush

The silicone basting brush is built to coat food with more flavour. You can use it for oil, melted butter, marinades and sauce directly to foods on your grill. The dense, long bristles gain high performance in holding and retaining oil, butter and sauce. The basting brush is heat resistant, you can use it on the hot grill.
  1. Silicone bottle cleaning brush

The silicone bottle brush designed with a long handle, best fit for these deep, narrow neck bottles such as baby bottles, flower vase. With 360 degree long flexible bristles, it can get deep down into the bottles to scrub away stubborn grime in every corner, leave your bottles completely scratch-free. Works perfect for cleaning out the hydro flask too.
  1. Silicone bath scrubbing brush/sponge

It’s two sides design bath scrubbing brush, one side with long, dense soft bristles provides deep and nicely clean. The bumpy nubs on the other side are excellent for lymphatic massage, improve blood circulation as well as scrub dirt from the skin.
  1. Silicone face brush/ facial cleaning brush

Facial cleaning brushes have super tiny soft bristles, they can remove make-up, pore-clogging sunscreen, blackheads and grime on your skin. Help to soften the skin, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin absorption of the cream. Electic facial cleanser brushes are extremely popular today.
  1. U-shape silicone toothbrush

The U-shape silicone toothbrush design to free your hands when you are brushing teeth. The U-shape design makes it fit the mouth shape. There are 4 layers slopping soft bristle on both sides, they offer full clean of tooth surface and interior.
The above are 7 examples of silicone brushes we ever produced.  They are very useful and widely applied in our daily life. The bristles length, stiffness and density are core values we should pay much attention to, as they determine the tool mold design and process, as well as the production feasibility.
As a silicone brush manufacturer with extensive experience, we offer multiple services to streamline your custom brush production process, including in-house tooling, engineering support, and moulding production. If you need to develop a new silicone brush or are looking for a more reliable supplier, welcome to contact us.
About HB Silicone :
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