//Waterproof silicone shoe covers: How to keep your shoes dry and clean through wet weather?

Waterproof silicone shoe covers: How to keep your shoes dry and clean through wet weather?

Hot Summer comes again, it has been a wet, soggy summer for us so far. A sudden rainfall can get us all wet, unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have extra clothes and shoes to change right away, it must be the awful experience in summer. Wet weather can be nightmare for your shoes and feet, now the newly developed waterproof silicone shoe covers will help to keep your shoes dry and clean on a rainy day.

Why waterproof silicone shoe covers?

  1. 100% Waterproof shoe covers
    The rain shoe covers designed to fully cover your shoes with waterproof silicone material, prevent water/mud/road splash away from your shoes. The soft and high tensile stretchable silicone making it fit more snugly at top, the tighter the fit at top, the less water/ mud can run down into your shoes. Keep your shoes and feet dry in all weather conditions, no more wet toes!
  2. Windproof overshoes
    The silicone overshoes are windproof, ideal for spring and and winter, prevent chill wind and provide additional warmth in cold weather, protect your feet.
  3. Slip resistant shoe sole
    Reinforced non-slip sole with thick scored bottom, designed to offer more floor grip, very durable and safe to walk in raining day and winter snow.
  4. Mud/ dust resistant footwear protectors
    They are a great way to keep your cherished shoes clean and dry, protect your shoes from water, mud and wet roads spray. Defend your footwear against bad weather. You can scrub dirt off your shoes, or wash in water.
  5. Lightweight and foldable
    The silicone shoes cover can be slipped on and removed quickly, you can store them in your pocket or bag when not needed. Say for kids, put them on outside, then take them off at school, no more heavy rain boots all day, very convenient and comfortable.
  6. Reusable and environmental friendly
    Silicone is an environmental friendly material. Silicone shoe covers are reusable, you can clean them with water easily , then store them after dry for next use. There are different types of shoe covers, disposable shoe covers are most commonly used in hospitals, labs, dust-free workshops. They are easy to put on and fit any shoes or boots. Though they are cheaper price only for single use, people throw them away with each use, in the long run, disposable shoes covers are more expensive than reusable ones, and they will cause environmental issues.


Waterproof overshoes, but still have wet feet?
The silicone overshoes are always waterproof, but not capable of preventing heavy rain water running down into the shoes. And they are more likely to collect moisture from sweating, so it would be better to wear wool socks, they can insulate even when wet.

Choosing the right size silicone shoe covers
Silicone shoe covers come in S,M, L, XL. We need pick the right size covers. Wearing shoe covers that are too large will increase the risk of accidents, shoe covers too small will press against feet. It’s important to ensure shoe covers are in proper fit in order to work correctly. Picking the right size shoe covers isn’t easy though, but they are normally correlate to your normal shoe size, here is the size guide for reference.

Silicone shoe cover size

When should i wear the waterproof silicone shoe covers?

  • When it might rain
    Waterproof silicone shoe cover for rain can be great preparation for unpredictable weather in wet season, when it is hard to dress yourself properly. When it rains, you can take them out and put them on, they will offer your shoes best protection from water and mud.
  • When walk or ride in foggy days
    The silicone overshoes can prevent your shoes from getting wet in foggy days when there is dew in the morning
  • When in cold weather
    Silicone is a highly effective insulating material that is waterproof and windproof. The silicone overshoes can protect the feet from chill wind in cold winter, protect your toes from cold injury, also keep your feet warm.
  • When walk into workplaces where protective shoe covers are required.
    Shoe cover can keep any dirt,water,debris from contaminating the room, they are effective way to keep room clean.


How to use the waterproof silicone shoe covers?
1.Put both thumbs and index fingers inside the top of the shoes cover
2. Stretch the opening and put your shoe toe in it, then slide in your whole shoe inside.


Check our molding production video and how to use silicone shoe cover  to know more about them.


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